Monday, October 1, 2007

Mythical Paths To Success

Did you ever have the slightest thought of plagiarising when you were in college? Or actually guilty of it? I must admit I wasn't as innocent as I'd like to be. My teachers then probably longed to call me out using the latest spy tracker. "If you do that, you'd never be successful in your life after college", the teacher said.

Now at the door to Internet Marketing and the promise of making money online, I'm mesmerised by offers of taking on someone else's creation, pay a fee, setup the web site, follow to the letter, and you'd be at the steps to the Million Dollar club. Oh wait.. still not getting it? Let the creator and his team hold your hands too!

So what is the real path to Success? The World is producing a millionaire every 8 minutes. But calling out for a shortage of teachers. Hmm.. that makes sense, doesnt it?

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